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Attorney's Fees

     Most cases must be evaluated prior to quoting a fee; however, some of the attorney fees may be determined for certain cases depending on the circumstances. We explain all fees at your free initial consultation as they generally depend on the complexity and nature of each individual case. 
                                                                  ALABAMA DIVORCE

  One of the most common questions we hear is "How much does it cost to get a divorce in Alabama?". As the circumstances for every case are different, the amount to see a divorce to completion will depend on the complexity of your case, which is something we can begin to determine starting with your first consultation. We realize that hiring an attorney can be stressful, especially when dealing with something like divorce so we make it easier on our clients by taking the guess work out of your legal fees. In your first consultation we'll go over your options and applicable retainer for your case. Naturally, there is more involved with a contested divorce than an uncontested one such as extensive discovery, thorough questioning, and depositions in pursuit of a settlement as well as the possibility of going to trial. As such, the fees for an Alabama Contested or Negotiated Divorce will be higher than those of an Alabama Uncontested Divorce where less work is required. If you are unsure what kind of case you have or the fees involved, please contact so we can discuss your options. 

                                                                 ALABAMA CHILD CUSTODY

     Child Custody cases are some of the most complex cases and should only be handled by a custody attorney experienced in this field.  At The Rose Law Firm, we have the experience you need on your side. Rarely are child custody cases settled out of court due to their very nature as most must be fought in trial. Due to this fact, don't gamble with who you use to fight your custody case, turn to a Specialized Birmingham Alabama child custody lawyer who can agressively fight for you.  At the first free initial consultation, one of our custody attorneys will evaluate your particular case and set out for you in writing any fees that will be required for your situation. 

                                                                ALABAMA ADOPTION

     For Alabama Adoption cases, we charge a Flat Fee for each child involved (for uncontested adoptions). If you are pursuing an adoption, you need someone with the experience to see your adoption completely through. Call us today to set up your free consultation and let us help you.  

                                                   ALABAMA CHILD SUPPORT MODIFICATION
                If you are owed child support and haven't been paid, you may be owed more than you think.  In Alabama, arrearage accrues for each month that child support is not paid.  If you are owed child support and haven't been paid, call us to put our experience as child support attorneys to work for you. We can help determine how much money you are owed and fight to get that money to you.  Whether you simply need an Alabama Child Support Modification or an Alabama Child Support Contempt proceeding, don't hesitate to call or email us today so we can get started. Let us get you the money you deserve.  
                                                                  ALABAMA ANNULMENT

    Getting an Annulment can actually be more complex than obtaining a divorce. Unless specific requirements are met, and proven to a judge, the annulment will not be granted.  Annulments typically are more expensive than a divorce due to the fact that most must be litigated in front of a Judge in order for the annulment to be granted. If you are considering a divorce or annulment, call us so we can discuss your options and what direction makes the most legal and financial sense for you. 
                                                                         OTHER CASES

     For the majority of other work we must evaluate the time and complexity involved to determine the fair pricing for your individual needs. Please call us at 205-323-1124 to set up your free appointment so that one of our attorneys can evaluate your case and let you know of any costs prior to beginning of work on your case or click here to email us and we will contact you within 24 hours Guaranteed.  

                                                                           FEE CHART    

You will be responsible for the following fees depending on your type of case:

Filing Fees:  vary from $154.00 to $320.00, depending on your county of filing and the type of case.  This is a fee required by the Court (regardless of who represents you) in order to process documentation and is separate from the retainer fee paid to your attorney.
Process Service Fees: This is a fee paid to an outside individual who will make sure your documentation is properly served as is required by all courts.


Retainer Fee:  Nearly all attorneys require a retainer fee, this fee is an amount paid prior to working on your case.  When your case is worked on, time is recorded, and the amount worked is deducted from this fee.   An invoice is sent out every month showing you, the client, the amount used from your retainer.  This retainer fee is an up-front payment that entitles you to a certain number of work hours, based on the hourly rate.  This fee varies from case to case depending on circumstances, and is based on an estimated minimum number of hours required. Once a retainer fee has been used, a retainer replenishment will be due to be paid to your account at that time. Your retainer fee is used strictly towards time worked on your case by The Rose Law Firm, LLC.

Flat Fees: For some of our cases, we choose to quote flat fees. Although not all cases can be quoted this way due to their complexity and the variables involved, flat fees are a total payment towards attorney's fees. These types of fees are generally for cases such as uncontested divorce or adoption. 

Other fees:  Depending on your case we may advise the use of experts, investigators, and other outside services to help your cause. The costs for these optional outside services will be discussed prior to their help in your case, as fees for outside services are the direct responsibility of the client and are paid to the providers and not our firm. 

All fees will be discussed at your first free consultation and an employment contract outlining all terms of employment will be reviewed and signed at the start of representation.

     At The Rose Law Firm we believe in being upfront and honest regarding any and all fees.  It is our promise that you will know, in writing, any fees that you will be required to pay before we begin working on your case.

     ~~We accept Cash, Checks, e-checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  Payment arrangements possible for special circumstances~~


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